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max-grip gloves have sponge-like forms that create a suction effect, much like the suction disks of an octopus. By using such advanced non-slip technology, max-grip gloves provide excellent dry and wet grip as well as exceptional oil grip.

Mr. Toba, after analyzing more than 100 different shapes and sizes of human feet, was able to develop a lightweight steel-toe cap that rarely hit the toes. Known as TOBATECH, the shape of the toe cap is wider than current safety shoes and more suitable for workers. Moreover, unlike most safety shoes, which include one toe cap for a number of sizes, TOBATECH shoes consist of one size for every toe cap. Therefore, TOBATECH shoes are more comfortable than conventional safety shoes.

activearch socks, which are extremely elastic, is an idea derived from athletic taping in sports.

Agdeo technology has an excellent sterilization effect.

According to the Agdeo bacteria test, the sterilization rate of Agdeo socks was 99%.

COOL & DRY quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture to enhance comfort and maintain dryness.