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Work gloves have progressed from being thick and rigid to being thin, flexible, and easy to use. In our research, we focus on such historical trends and strive to enhance the function of grip power because we believe that increasing the grip will effectively reduce hand/arm fatigue and improve over all safety. The coatings of ordinary work gloves comprise a smooth surface with projected stoppers. max-grip gloves do not have such projections but instead, they house sponge-like forms that create a suction effect, much like the suction disks of an octopus. By using such advanced non-slip technology, max-grip gloves provide excellent dry and wet grip as well as exceptional oil grip. When lifting an object, if the grip is improved by 50%, then the required force to lift the object is reduced by 50%. In this case, the hands’ fatigue is therefore reduced by 50%. We believe that it is important to improve work efficiency by reducing worker fatigue through such high-quality gloves.