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TAKUMI SAFETY Innovation for All Workers

“Takumi” literally means “skilled artisan” in Japanese and as our name suggests, we produce high-quality safety products for skilled artisans. Our product development effectively harmonizes three concepts: Comfort, Safety, and Style.


The word “comfort” does not simply represent “coziness.” 
In our product development, we scientifically determine the ergonomic features necessary for reducing worker fatigue.
For example, for those walking for long hours, the required energy can be reduced if the shoes are lightweight. Therefore, we believe that our shoes will improve overall work efficiency by effectively reducing worker fatigue.


The word “safety” not only entails creating materials that are stronger and thicker but also scientifically determining methods that increase safety without changing the product’s working properties. 
For example, even if the cut resistance of gloves is at its highest level, work efficiency can still decrease if the gloves are too thick and rigid. 
Therefore, we develop high-level products with the same utility as those with low mechanical properties.

“Style” has become a common requisite for product placement in today’s society. 
Therefore, we believe that if workers can select products that match their design preferences, then they can enjoy making a statement about their individuality while working. 
With this initiative in mind, we are constantly developing and proposing new innovative designs.


During the course of work, all workers get physically exhausted; 
Takumi Safety develops and provides high-comfort products that help reduce such exhaustion. 
It is our mission to continue offering safety products to workers all over the world.